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cities into districts. kelley rasmussen is live to explain how opd is looking outside of the department for help. >> >> reporter: we are in the middle of the newly formed police district four. opd said as part of the new plan, they want to hear directly from the people in the community. eduardo has one this for the last 16 years. he lieings the idea of more interaction between police and the community they patrol. >> this is a model that is working in many, many cities across the country. >> reporter: the model divides the city into five districts. each has a designated captain required to meet regularly. >> neighbor from the face based community or prime prevention
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counsels. >> >> reporter: the community leaders will share their thoughts and complaints directly with the district captain. >> we'll open it up to the community. even if you are not on an advisory board, we'll have the meetings and open them up. >> reporter: business owner jeaneatte said there is already good dialogue between the police and the businesses here. but she said her neighborhood in the oakland hills is a different story. >> having police officer work with a watch group would help people feel heard and make them feel more comfortable. live in oakland, ktvu channel "2 news."
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>> we watch everything that happens across the country. that's something that has been a topic of discussion throughout the country and like most police chiefs that are paying attention to what is going on throughout the nation, i have an obligation to look at it. >> a federal trial started over new york city's stop and frisk policy. they say it fairly targets minorities and violates their rights. police say it's an important way to fight crime. >> >> a graffiti painter fell to his death from a bridge where he may have been spray painting. his body was found on saturday beneath the i-80 bridge near winter street. according to police reports, he was involved in a group accused of $80,000 in property damage from 300 tagging cases in the sacramento and roseville areas. >> >> it seems like graffiti is
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pretty much everywhere. coming up at 6:00, the uphill fight one bay area city is facing and legislation being proposed to clean it up. . napa county sheriff spokesman said more details may be released about the shooting of a homeless man. he was driving a stolen pickup truck when officers spotted it. a short chase ended at 10:00 p.m. and marena was fatally wounded.
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investigators have not released any further details about why the police fired on him. -- >> reporter: volting is a right only granted to us citizens. but the u.s. attorney general wants to make sure election fraud will not occur. >> we have a right to require additional information to satisfy ourselves that someone is a citizen. >> >> reporter: right now, arizona requires proof of citizenship to register to vote in state elections. the supreme court will determine whether or not the state can demand proof of citizenship. >> specifically whether congress had the ability to provide for a simple male voter registration form that can be used in any state. this is about the basic right
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to vote. here in california, you don't have to show proof of u.s. citizenship to register to vote. all you have to do is sign your name on the line saying you are a u.s. citizen under penalty of perjury it's all done by the honor system. opponents say it disenfranchises voters. it's its already to get citizens to vote and see arizona's law as a roadblock. >> there are many barriers already in the way for the supreme court to put more barriers in the way of registered voters is not the way we want to go. we want to encourage civic participation and encourage people to come out and vote. >> reporter: so far, four other states have similar requirements and a dozen others are looking at similar legislation. california is not one of them. >> a federal grand jury in san
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francisco indicted a former ceo and business associate in connection with an alleged scheme involving the investment of $3 billion. vet store investigators say the fee was paid to the private firm. the sec filed a similar lawsuit against them last year >> contra costa -- 34-year-old raymond harris died at 6:20 thursday night after being shot on the stairs leading to the station. it appears the shooting happened after an argument. anyone with information about the shooting is asked to contract authorities. >> >> an alleged terrorist linked to american journal daniel pearl has been arrested in pakistan. pearl, who reported for "wall street journal" was bee headed in 2002 by anti-american
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militants. later that year, a terrorist convicted of pearl's murder along with three other, pakistani rangers say they have a man in custody, former head of a terrorist group that apparently also had a role in his death. >> >> this week marks the 10th anniversary of the star in iraq. it began march 19th, 2003 with what the military describes at shock and awe. since then, 3400 u.s. service members have been killed and estimated 31,000 have been injured, many of those were life changing injuries. estimated 134,000 iraqi civilians have been killed with thousands more injured. the bush administration started the war because they claimed iraq had weapons of mass destruction. a claim that was eventually proven false. but there were successes, such as removing saddam hussein from power and the establishment of
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democratic elections. >> reporter: the financial cost of the wore calculated at $2.2 trillion. a recent gallop poll surveyed 52% felt the invasion of iraq was a mistake. >> >> tomorrow, installation of pope francis. vice president joe biden will be leading the delegation. today, pope francis met with the president of his home country, argentina. kristina fernandez. she said she asked the pontiff to help settle argentina's dispute with the uk own the falkland islands. >> >> march madness is under construction here at hp
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pavilion. great for the fans, an economy onto itself. >> >> back here in 10 minutes, you noticed increasing clouds. there is rain in your future. how much you could get and what areas that will see the most. .
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tom baker live at hp pavilion with the economic boost the ncaa tournament will provide. >> tom? >> reporter: it could be about $20 million. thanks to the big boost from the ncaa, the shark tank is going to be money in the bank for a lot hoff l of local businesses.
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>> reporter: they must fit together -- these pieces must fit together in a specific order and they must fit together perfectly. >> just 24 hours ago, we found out which teams would be coming. that, right there, means there is a lot more work that needs to be done between thousand an thursday. >> eight teams, including oregon, unlv, oregon drawing fans from far and wide. >> definitely want to see syracuse. you don't get to see east coast teams play over here. >> price seems not to be a hurdle. >> it's defendnily doable in this market on these dayses. >> reporter: the teams and san jose will be seen by millions throughout television land. >> this is a great advertisement for the city of san jose to show case itself as a major player in athletics and a major player as a city in the
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united states. >> with the hockey season being cut in half, march madness brings merchants madness. >> we get more people to work. >> much bigger than any sort of event that goes on hp typically. could be bigger than a sharks game. they will be coming over all day long. >> reporter: local businesses lost at least one-third of their businesses during the nhl lockout. >> >> you can view the brackets for the ncaa 2a tournament by going to our website. nfl agreed to settle a lawsuit brought by the league's players, the players claim that the league used their names and money without their permission. the settlement create as new licensing agency to make sure retirees are compensated when their names are used. >> >> talk about a couple of
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champions. lindsay von confirmed she's is dating tiger woods of the two have been seen together lately in public. according to her facebook page, their relationship evolves from a friendship to more in the past few months. tiger woods was divorced in 2010 after a much publicized breakup. lindsay von has been divorced since january. . csu budget is set to be presented to the board of trust tees tomorrow. >> >> e bay shares, concern about a new fee on the pay pal business. back in june, master -- coming up in june, master card is planning to show a digital
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wallet fee on operators such as pay pal. the actual dollar amount may not be that large, but analysts say they are worried this is part of a broader move to target pay pal, which has become more of a direct competitor recently. at the closes, shares were down over half a percent leaving the stock down four percent so far this year >> bart is expanding its tests allowing bikes on all of the trains. this week, they can be taken onboard any time of the day. they will be allowed on all trains during noncommute hours, however, they will still be banned from the front three cars. bart riders we talked to said they like the plan >> i think it should be allowed, yes. i think you should be able to. bart is taking feedback through an online sur vie an
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their website. after the week-long test, bart's board is expected to decide if it will become more permanent. >> >> pittsburgh has modified an agreement with bart agreeing to pay $500 thousand for design plans for the stations near railroad avenue it is the hope it will be possible to build it with the first phase of the extension project. all told pittsburgh plans to commit $2.5 million to the project by the end of the year. the extension to antioch is expected to be completed in a few years. >> >> $4 million worth of marijuana stashed. 20 miamis west of the university of california campus. investigators fond an abandoned boat as well. earlier, at least $1 million
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worth of marijuana was found abandoned to the north of this weekend's discovery >> officials have declared a state of emergency in tennessee, a raging wildfire has destroyed dozens of homes. near the town of pigeon forge near great smoky mountains national park. 150 people have been forced to evacuate from a neighborhood threatened by the flames. >> i just don't know if -- some of my friends live that way. i'm concerned about them. >> >> reporter: investigators say this fire started in a cabin, but have not determined its cause. >> >> let's talk about our weather. it's the beginning of a new week. >> you feel the changes, see it in the clouds, increasing clouds all day. mid-60s to upper 60s. a couple of low 70s in the southland. >> right now, winter is on the east coast. you can see it north to the new england state. here's our estimate, a nice looking weather system.
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it has everything you need except it looks like this moisture stream willnd up driving further. but the real heavy moisture we are going to get rain. it will be wet, cloudy out there, right now, temperatures are in the mid-60s, kind of i guess you could cat gorize it a little muggy. 64 in napa. 67 in antioch. rainfall accumulations. we are not doing real well. it's amazing we are doing that well. overnight lows in the low 40's, mid-40s, even some low 50s in the warmest spots. as we go into tomorrow, it's marked by increasing clouds all day. do we need rain, yes. rainfall
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forecast not a lot of rain, but some rain. we are looking at a half inch in santa rosa. maybe the hills could see a quarter-inch. these are the rainfall forecast through wednesday. what's going to happen is all of the clouds increase, showers will get here tomorrow after the commute, kind of linger overnight into wednesday morning commute and the wednesday morning commute looks like it will be kind of wet. forecast highs, uncreasing clouds, looking at a lot of 60s and maybe some low 70s heading in the inland bay valley. everything changes. showers not for the morning commute, but for the wednesday morning commute. when i get back. i are, i haven't showed rainfall commute.
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>> what the state of california has in common with rhode island and it's not something to be proud of. .
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>> california is one of two states with the worst unemployment rate in the country. california's unemployment rate was the same in december,
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showing little job growth going into the new year. the job scenario has been rapidly improving over the past year in california and other western states. >> >> on wall street today, stocks pulled back as investors worried in part about a bailout plan for cypress. the dow closed out 62 points, while the nasdaq dropped more than 11 points and the sap 500 sank almost five points. >> his story reminds us of this country's promise if you are willing to work hard, it doesn't matter who you are, where you come from, what your last name is, you can make it if you try. >> the president said he will qualify to carrey on the work of the labor department he is the son of dominican immigrants who work low jobs so their son
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could become the first lawyer in the country. >> >> hit andation males come nate the industry. >> that is a problem. the pool we have to support from and the support the pool we pull from and the support we give women and minorities to grow. >> facebook, net flix and others were able to block the release of this, arguing that doing so could put them at a exestive disadvantage. >> disneyland is changing their rules to keep young kids from running around without a chaperone. kids under 14 must have someone older with them.
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families routinely drop off their kids for the day and they will be notified about this policy. >> >> struggling postal service spending millions. >> >> a political makeover, why many republicans want to change the image of what some call the party of stuffy old men. who do they want to target.
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>> these protesters say they are angry that the postal service is out canning jobs and services while spending millions to attend a conference in san francisco -p we told you about the plan last month, now, it is here's drawing controversy at home. anne rubins live with why the postal service said they can't afford not to attend. >> reporter: with call of the joins in the shipping world at this conference, the u.s. postal service said they need to be here to show off what they have to offer and boost future businesses. some protester are not so sure. protesters out rained. managers are spending more than
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$2 million to attend this conference at the marks asconi center. yet, the post master general said they can't afford not to attend. the national postal forums meetings and workshops are their best chance to reach their vendors >> it's very responsible. if you look in this room, the people sitting in this room represent $22 billion worth of revenue. >> reporter: vendors say it's their cannes to see what's new. >> let them know when we are looking for in mailing and get ideas of what they have coming up. >> it's an investment for me and the post office. >> reporter: however, cuts keep coming the postal service has reduced their workforce, delivery route and proposed elimination of saturday mail delivery come august, but officials say there is a huge
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push toward extechnology as a way to compete. now 40% of postal service revenue comes from online access. >> you can't sit back and do nothing. >> reporter: the protesters, many of them postal workers say that's something they agree on. >> we would hate to see the postal service go under. >> reporter: the postal service, 160 fewer attended this year compared to last year.
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